5.5kw To 37kw Vertical Sewage Self-priming Pumps Sludge Submersible Water Pump Price

5.5kw To 37kw Vertical Sewage Self-priming Pumps Sludge Submersible Water Pump Price Overview

Brand Name: Bulletproof

Model Number: submersible sewage pump

Place of Origin: Henan, China

Application: Marine, Mining industry, Raw Water Intake, Wastewater Transport and Flood Control, wastewater treatment, Water Treatment Solutions

Horsepower: 7hp-50hp

Power Source: Electric

Pressure: Low Pressure

Structure: Single-stage Pump

Cable Length: 8m

Outlet Size: 50mm-350–

Voltage: 380v/440v or as per request

Power: 5.5kw-37kw

Certification: ce, ISO

Flow rate: 15-300m3/h

Head: 7-100m

Frequency: 3 phase 50hz/60hz

Motor: Copper Wire

Speed: 1450rpm/2900rpm/3450rpm

Quality warranty: 24 months

ODM OEM: Accept

5.5kw To 37kw Vertical Sewage Self-priming Pumps Sludge

5.5kw To 37kw Vertical Sewage Self-priming Pumps Sludge Submersible Water Pump Price , Find Complete Details about 5.5kw To 37kw Vertical Sewage Self-priming Pumps Sludge Submersible Water Pump Price,Vertical Drainage Sewerage Submersible Sewage Cutter Pump,Non 50 Hp Sewage Submersible Pump Price For Dirty Water,15kw 22kw Centrifugal Stainless Steel Submersible Sewage

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Pump description

Submersiblesewage pump parameters:

(cast iron orstainless steel 304/316/316L and 380v/440v.If you would like to know price, contact us Whatsapp: +86 18037487502.)

Outlet diameter Model Discharge flow Head Power
mm WQ type m3/h m kw hp
50 50WQ18-40-5.5 15 20 5.5 7
65 65WQ30-30-5.5 30 30 5.5 7
80 80WQ40-22-5.5 40 22 5.5 7
100 100WQ65-15-5.5 65 15 5.5 7
100 100WQ100-15-7.5 100 15 7.5 10
150 150WQ145-9-7.5 145 9 7.5 10
100 100WQ100-25-11 100 25 11 15
150 150WQ130-15-11 130 15 11 15
200 200WQ300-7-11 300 7 11 15
100 100WQ100-30-15 100 30 15 20
150 150WQ100-30-15 100 30 15 20
200 200WQ220-12-15 220 12 15 20
100 100WQ100-35-18.5 100 35 18.5 25
150 150WQ180-20-18.5 180 20 18.5 25
200 200WQ250-15-18.5 250 15 18.5 25
250 250WQ400-7-18.5 400 7 18.5 25
100 100WQ100-40-22 100 40 22 30
150 150WQ180-25-22 180 25 22 30
200 200WQ300-15-22 300 15 22 30
250 250WQ450-7-22 450 7 22 30
150 150WQ160-45-30 160 45 30 40
200 200WQ400-13-30 400 13 30 40
250 250WQ600-9-30 600 9 30 40
300 300WQ850-7-30 850 7 30 40
150 150WQ200-30-37 200 30 37 50
200 200WQ350-25-37 350 25 37 50
250 250WQ600-12-37 600 12 37 50
300 300WQ800-10-37 800 10 37 50
350 350WQ1000-8-37 1000 8 37 50
150 150WQ180-45-45 180 45 45 60
200 200WQ400-25-45 400 25 45 60

Pump accessories

control cabinet, frequency converter, valve, cable, coupling


Testing: We test each submersible water pump before delivery, such asmaterial analysis testing, casting testing, and submersible pump submerged in water for 48 hours to test leaking or not. Also we could send testing video, testing pictures, testing report, etc.Package:submersible pump has 3 layers of packaging with 8mm special export wooden box

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Bulletproof pump factory mainly manufacturessubmersible pump&centrifugal pump, drawing sea water, salt water, clean water, sewage water, hot water. Vertical or horizontal install.

Special Pump

larger capacity, higher power and special local site, please contact us.

Bulletproof Factory

Bulletproof pump factory strength is verified by Gate about submersible pump production line capacity and production machinery.

Employees in Each Production Line
Production Line Supervisor No.of Operators No. of In-line QC/QA
Workshop 12 248 12
Production Capacity
Product name Production Line Capacity Actual Units Produced (Previous Year)
Submersible pump, Sewage pump USD 40,000,000.00 Per Year Confidential
Production Machinery
Machinae Name Brand&Model No. Quantity Number of Years Used Condition
Grinding machine N7163 3 6 Acceptable
CNC center YJK150130 3 6 Acceptable
Lathe CW6263B,CD6140A 43 10 Acceptable
Miling machine X2012C 1 5 Acceptable
Boring machine PX611B 4 10 Acceptable
Vertical lathe CA5112E 2 11 Acceptable
Drilling machine Z3030, Z3032 5 11 Acceptable
Slotting machine B5032 4 8 Acceptable
High speed punch press machine J76-300, J21-160 2 6 Acceptable
Casting electrolytic furnace —– 5 10 Acceptable
Testing Machinery
Machine Name Brand&Model No. Quantity Number of Years Used Condition
Pump microcomputer test bench MPT-Ⅱ 4 20 Acceptable

About Our Team:

1. For our6 sales, everyone has at least5 years’ submersible pump experience.2. Supporting multi language, projects solution

3. Professional sales department, production department, technical department, after-sales department, document department, attending to each one’s own duties.4. Supporting 24 hours online, whether it is on weekend or holidays, contact number as followed:

We take exhibition 1-3 times each year, such as Vietnam, Indonesia,Canton Fair, Australia,etc.


Certificates: ISO;CE,BV; TUV; CCC;five stars after-sale service, or as your request, such as SGS. We are also Trade Assurance Guarantee Supplier in Gate and Gold Supplier in China.

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