500hp 50 meters head water pump with motor

500hp 50 meters head water pump with motor Overview

Brand Name: Bulletproof Pump

Model Number: Bulletproof Pump-D

Place of Origin: Henan, China

Pressure: High Pressure

Structure: Single-stage Pump

Usage: Water

Standard or Nonstandard: Standard

Power: Electric

Theory: Centrifugal Pump

Fuel: Electric

Application: boiler feed

Product name: 500hp water pump with motor

Material: cast iron

Lubrication: Grease and Oil


Driven Type: Motor/Diesel

Applications 1.: Mining

Applications 2.: Boiler Feed

Applications 3.: Pipe cleaning

Applications 4.: Oil and gas operations

Applications 5.: Water and sewage utilities

Two Key Terms in pump Specifications – GPM and Head

When deciding which is the right pump you will need to answer questions about the specs of the pump. Here are some of the terms you will hear and should know.

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Required Water Pump Horsepower Calculator

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water pump 50m suction head, water pump 50m suction head

Hot Sale Food Grade BLDC 24v 12v Water Pump With Head 3m Type P3503 Rated Voltage 12V / 24V Voltage Range 8-20V / 12-30V Max Flow 7L/min, 7L/min Max Lift 3m / 3m Max Noise 35dB / 35dB Motor Type DC Brushless Motor Food Grade(Y/N) Y Liquid Temperature 0-100 ℃ Ambient Temperature -25-70 ℃ Pump Theory Centrifugal Pump Medium Hot or cold water,

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500hp water pump with motor

Product Description

500hp water pump with motor

The serial pump is multi-stage section centrifugal pump,the excellent hydraulic models are high -efficiency,energy-saving,and have wide performance range,operating safety &steady,low noise,long life and installing & repairing is very convenient etc.It can deliver heat water,oil,corrosive or wearable medium by changing the material,seal or adding cooling system.

Type D pump can deliver water without solid particle or the liquid which the chemical and physical feature are similar with water and tempreture is≤ 80℃,it is suitable for delivering water in mine and urban water project etc.Type DG pump can deliver clean water without solid particle or the liquid which chemical and physical feature are similar with water,and tempreture is≤ 105℃,it is suitable for delivering boiler feed water or heat water.The DM pump can deliver the neuter mineral water which solid particles percent ≤ 1.5%(solids Dia < 0.5mm)and other similar sewage,the tempreture of liquids is≤80℃.It is suitable for steel works,mines,cities projects etc.The DF pump can deliver the corrisive liquid without solid particle,which tempreture is from -20℃~150℃The DY pump deliver oil or oil products with solid grain,viscosity ≤120ct,range of tempreture is from -20℃~150℃

Model meaning of high head water pump:

D(DG,DM,DF,DY)450-60x4D– Multi-stage horizonatl centrifugal pumpDM–Multi-stage wearable centrifugal pumpDF–Multi-stage anti-corrosivecentrifugal pumpDY–Multi-stage centrifugal oil pump450–The flow is 450m3/h at design point60–The single stage head is 60m at design point4–The number stage is 4 stages

Pump Application:

long distance water transferringboiling water feeding and transferringwater system boostingagricultural irrigationmining water supplyfire fightingoffshore projects

Clean Water performance of high rise water pump:

Model Capacity(m³/h) Head(m) Speed(rpm) MotorPower(kw) ImpellerDia(mm)
6-25*4 6.3 100 2950 7.5 139
6-25*5 6.3 125 2950 7.5 139
6-50*4 6.3 200 2950 18.5 198
12-25*4 12.5 100 2950 11 146
6-80*3 6 240 2950 18.5 235
12-80*4 12.5 320 2950 45 235
25-30*3 25 90 2950 15 160
46-30*5 46 150 2950 37 162
85-67*4 85 268 2950 110 235
120-50*5 120 250 2950 132 213
150-30*8 150 240 2950 160 172
150-100*6 150 600 2950 400 289
200-100*6 200 600 2950 560 290
280-65*6 280 390 1480 500 430
300-45*4 300 180 1480 200 360
150D30*6 155 180 1480 132 305

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